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The Canada Council for the Arts has awarded Dubbeldam Architecture + Design the Professional Prix de Rome prize for our project ‘The Next Green – Innovation in Sustainable Housing’, which entails travel to Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany to study and disseminate innovative sustainable housing prototypes and research on sustainable technologies for Northern climates, applicable to the Canadian context. Our program of study will include meetings with Scandinavia and Germany’s leading architectural practices in sustainable design and architecture, visits to significant high-performance buildings, participation in conferences and symposia on sustainable architecture, and explorations of cutting-edge research on building-integrated sustainable systems and materials at research and academic institutions. We intend to explore how architects in these countries set new standards for buildings that surpass current protocols for sustainability, while developing a unique spatial and artistic architectural language in which energy efficiency and design merge seamlessly.

The knowledge gained during our two-year agenda of ongoing travel and research will not only shape the work of our practice and our continued commitment to innovation in sustainable architecture, but will be openly shared with the architecture profession and public alike. Follow our travels and research on this blog and on our social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.