ZEB Pilot House | Norway

Norway – We will be visiting the ZEB Pilot house in Ringdalskogen, Larvik, Norway designed by Snøhetta and completed in 2014. Built as a pilot project with The Research Center on Zero Emission Buildings, it is a demonstration project created to facilitate learning on building methodology for ‘energy-plus’ houses with integrated sustainable solutions. An energy-plus house (also called Plus-Energy House, Efficiency-Plus House) produces more energy from renewable energy sources, over the course of a year, than it imports from external sources.  Renewable energy production from photovoltaic and solar-thermal panels integrated in the building envelope enables offsetting of carbon emissions generated by the burning of fossil fuels in power stations. The house also integrates geothermal heating, passive solar design and generates enough energy to power an electric car. The pool is heated by solar-generated heat surplus and there are vegetable gardens to accommodate small scale food production.

Stay tuned for more images of the house and maybe even a video interview of the architects touring the house and explaining its features!

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